Parish Profile 2017 – now available online

Parish Profile 2017 – now available online

The Parish Profile of All Saints Weston, Bath with St Mary Magdalene, Langridge & St Martin, North Stoke
Revised version – published 3rd March 2017

We hope that you find this Parish Profile both informative and inspiring. In it we have tried to say clearly and honestly where we are now as a benefice of three parishes, as well as listing the challenges and aspirations we want to work through with our new Rector.
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We’ve also created a Parish Profile web page with easy access to lots of useful information.

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  1. Paul Bright 23/11/2016 | Reply
    Excellent, honest summary of where we are at, well put together, exciting times ahead, proud to be part of this church family!
  2. Richard Wilson 23/11/2016 | Reply
    Amazing work Tom and everyone else. Thank you and well done. Praying. Sleep well! Richard. Richard Wilson, Rural Dean
  3. Virag Wheeler-Mezei 23/11/2016 | Reply
    Great profile, team Very happy to be part of this community.
  4. Liz Bavin 24/11/2016 | Reply
    Fantastic job on the parish profile - we are in God's hands. Exciting times.
  5. Patrick Whitworth 24/11/2016 | Reply
    It looks like a brilliant document: fresh, vibrant , hopeful, strategic and realistic . Congratulations to all who made it.
  6. Church Office 24/11/2016 | Reply
    Thank you to the Parish Profile Team who have worked so long and hard to get the Parish Profile out ready for the advert that appears on Friday 25 Nov. The team comprised: Patrick Boksan-Cullen, Ben Wynne, Gary Oaten, Rosie Coates, Pippa Page and Tom Peryer plus Tony Davies (Langridge) and Martin Palmer (North Stoke) assisted by proofreaders, Robin Lewis and Kate Brankin (who emailed her corrections from South Sudan!). The document is available here as a pdf and there are a couple of hard copies available at the back of church (not to be taken away). But if you would like your own hard copy (it is a really lovely document!) then the Church Office could provide you one at a cost of £6.00
  7. Caroline Bruce 28/11/2016 | Reply
    This is truly inspirational: such a professional job… may a worthy candidate come! I have already shared your questionnaire with others and now I will show your profile too. Caroline Bruce, Bath & Wells Parish Development Officer

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