11.00am 'Eagles (Malawi) Cuthbert Gondwe


Suitable for all ages with band led worship and groups for children most weeks and once a month an all age servcie (1st Sunday). We share communion about once a month. Arrive early and chat over a cup of tea or coffee before the service.


Growing Community Acts 2: 42-47

‘Eagles (Malawi)’
Cuthbert Gondwe

Sunday Morning Groups for Children and Youth – Not this Sunday as it’s ‘All Ages Together’ in church.
Crèche – in the vestry (Parent led)
Tots – crawling to 2 years, in the Upper Room in All Saints Centre (Parent led)
Tumblers – age 2-4 years, in the Garden Room in All Saints Centre (Serena Saunders, Pip Wynne and Hannah Pearson)
Climbers – KS1, in the Weston Hall in All Saints Centre (Lynn Ward)
Explorers – KS2, in the Lansdown Hall in All Saints Centre (Russell Bell)
Toast – Y6 to Y10, in the Courtyard Room in All Saints Centre (Wes Poirot)
Discovers Group (Monthly on 2nd Sunday only) This is for all children who prefer a smaller group, including children with Special Educational Needs. (Fiona Day)

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