“Parish Profile 2017”
From March 4th, 2017

Our Parish Profile was written during the first few months of our Vacancy (Interregnum) We have benefitted greatly from the ministry of our much loved and respected Rector, Patrick Whitworth, who retired after 21 years. There was much to celebrate and give thanks for in our three churches and we now look forward to opening a new chapter with our new Rector, Mark Searle who started with us in September 2017. Our prayer and hope is that this new chapter will be full of renewal, growth and building, as many deepen their knowledge and love of God, others take the first steps of new life in Jesus Christ and our communities are enriched and blessed by our active presence.

Click here to read the Parish Profile

Here’s some other potentially useful information and links:

Click here to read the results and analysis of our Church Survey carried out in October 2016
Click here to read our ‘Biblical models for our new Rector’
Click here to see our currentorganisational chart
Click here to read our ‘Guide to Leadership’during the interregnum.

We have lots of information on the progress of our building project ‘Reimagining Our Church for the Kingdom, (ROCK) available here.

There is lots more information available in our Resources section of the website. click on ‘Resources’ in the top menu on the homepage. There’s also more detail on our staff team, which can be accessed by clicking on their image on the ‘Meet our wonderful team’ page.

Our current services are published in our termly programmes and in the calendar on the website. Click here for the Autumn Programme. Our Spring Programme 2017 will be published by 1st December.

In 2014 we published our ‘Community Map’, a two page document that lists all our activities as entry points into the church. It’s still pretty current and if anything we’ve added a few more ‘tube stops’ since then.

Our Church Centre is a hive of activity for Church groups, community groups and private and commercial use. We’ve got a great team facilitating all that happens in the Centre and we’ve nurtured close relationships with the many users that pass through here on a daily and weekly basis. Within a Christian umbrella here we’ve provided all that come through the Centre with a sense of belonging, of value and of peace. visit the Centre Website to get a flavour of the great things that happen here

Finally, in 2012 we created a vision, ‘Moving Forward Together over next few years’, which really takes us up to the present day. We believe that with God’s grace we have followed that vision and developed new ways to reach out to the community and grow as disciples and followers of Jesus.

We are truly in an exciting time: we are very blessed with many, many people using their amazing gifts for the mission of our church. We have new activities blossoming – in Church, in the Church Centre, in our community and also in our mission work overseas. We have established activities that are thriving and some that we’re changing and adapting to fit better the needs of our community and church members. There is a buzz and excitement at the core of our church, a sense that the Holy Spirit is moving and filling us with a heartfelt desire to serve and glorify the name of God. We feel truly blessed in our mission, inspired and supported by our colleagues and, in quiet times and prayer, always thankful to our God and Father for his love, grace and power.

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