A brief introduction to the Searle family

Rev Mark Searle will be taking up the post of Rector in September and he writes:

“We are very much looking forward to meeting the church communities in Weston, North Stoke and Langridge, it is such a privilege to have been invited to join you.
A few things about us: Meghan I have have been married for 24 years this summer and we have four children, Charlie (19), Emily (18), Tom (12) and Matty (11). We both have drama backgrounds and met at drama school. Meghan works as a freelance drama practitioner and is a founding director of Doorstep Arts, a not for profit youth and children’s theatre company based in Torbay. Mark was ordained in 2003 and over the last 14 years has worked in a wide range of churches (Students, Surrey, seaside, villages, city, deprived and wealthy).
We are currently getting ready to move on from St Mary Magdalene in Torquay where we have served in a classic seaside community for the last seven years. During that time we have seen Jesus at work in peoples lives in some quite extraordinary ways. Over the last few months we have heard so much about church families and have already been very well loved and welcomed from a distance – thank you. We look forward to walking with you into all that God has in store for the years ahead. God bless, Mark and Meghan Searle

WRITTEN BY: Gary Oaten

“Community Resources and Communications Coordinator”

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