Men’s and Women’s Breakfast

Come and join us for a manly full English breakfast at 8:30am, yes 8.30am, this Saturday, 3rd June, at All Saints Church Centre on Weston High Street.
Yes indeed, and this month only, we’ve invited the women, so there might be yoghurt and croissants and fruit and so on. But don’t worry, there’ll of course be our superb manly breakfast too, and you’ll be warmly-greeted with fresh coffee and engaging conversation beforehand.
After this feast,Tim Curtis has most kindly agreed to talk to us and share his many years’ experience of living in South America and translating the Bible. I’m sure this will prove to be a truly fascinating and inspiring talk.
I do hope you’ll be able to join us this Saturday.
Be manly!

WRITTEN BY: Gary Oaten

“Community Resources and Communications Coordinator”