Message from Patrick on the Weston tragedy

The members of All Saints Weston Parish Church extend their love and prayers to all those affected by the terrible crash yesterday; especially the families of Mitzi Steady, Stephen Vaughan, Phil Allen and one other man. We pray also for those in hospital recovering, and for all those affected by the crash in the community. May they all know God’s healing and strength at this time.

Patrick Whitworth,
Rector All Saints Weston Bath

WRITTEN BY: Gary Oaten

“Community Resources and Communications Coordinator”

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  1. It really was so good of you to arrange a service so swiftly for the residents of Weston it was very timely and much needed. I was not able to attend because I was needed to look after our sick grand-daughter but my husband was there. We very nearly lost our youngest daughter in an RTA in 1995 in Glasgow, her life was in the balance for many weeks so we are aware how the victims' families must be feeling now. Our hearts go out to them all

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