Please visit the BathCAN website. this network, linking together all the Christian churches, agencies, projects and individuals in Bath – for the people of Bath

This website is an overall guide to the Christian scene in Bath, with contact details, and news on networks, projects, events and activities in the city for everyone to enjoy.

“Serving the City … Strengthening communities … Restoring lives … Together”

Bath Christian Action Network provides a focus for communications between Christians in Bath and all the communities that Christians are wanting to serve, helping us all keep in touch

Nurturing existing relationships, and encouraging new relationships to emerge
Inspiring individual Christians to feel part of something greater than their own congregation
Encouraging Christians in finding new ways to serve their local communities

Helping Christians throughout the Bath area to keep in touch
Coordinating initial meetings that may develop into new networks around key issues or opportunities (eg in health, education, sport, media)
Demonstrating love to each other and to the community

Seeking the way forward
Participating in central prayer meetings
Encouraging a new prayer network for the city

Enabling the sharing of information
Gathering and publishing stories on Christian activities and initiatives
Running a website and newsletters on shared Christian activities
Providing stories to the press, and maintaining good relations with journalists

Providing a useful forum for debate and response on issues facing the city

Gathering Christians together to respond to issues affecting society
Enabling Christians to speak about issues

Running an annual BathCAN conference
Running workshops on potential ideas for the future
Meeting regularly with key organisations and agencies in Bath, including the Council, Police, Health Service, etc