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The Genesis Trust has been working to alleviate poverty and hardship for local people in Bath for the last 20 years.

Our Vision and Values

Our Mission

We work with people struggling with everyday life – mainly as a result of homelessness, addiction, poverty or disability.
We provide the practical support they need to get through today, and the emotional support to look forwards to tomorrow.
We do this with compassion, skill and with an attitude of hospitality to all.

Our Projects

We run nine projects across Bath, which help people meet their needs for food, furniture, purposeful activity and one-to-one support and guidance.

Our Values

The Genesis Trust was founded on a Christian vision and is driven by Christian values, and this ethos remains at the core of our work. However, the project exists to serve anyone in need, irrespective of their faith, background or gender, and we do not actively evangelise.

The particular Christian values which underpin our work are love, justice, compassion, truth and a basic equality. The Bible depicts God as having a bias towards the poor and the marginalised in society and that all of us have equal worth in his eyes, and in our relationships with our service users we seek to reflect this.

Our Support

Five of our projects are volunteer run, and four are run by professional paid staff.

We have built a strong relationship with all the churches across Bath, and they support us financially and by providing the majority of our 500 volunteers. We also receive support and donations from the general public who appreciate the work we do in Bath. We are entirely self-funded, and receive no statutory funding or Lottery money.

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