More to Life

More to Life is a joint programme run by All Saints and other churches in the Weston and Newbridge area.

We put on events that are advertised in the local area.

Events include talks, quizzes, and workshops on a wide variety of subjects. There are also concerts and other musical events, and events such as guided walks on local history, and carol singing in the pub.

This is all helping to build a more active community in the area where we live.

The main focus of inter-church activities in the Weston and Newbridge area of Bath is through More to Life.

More to Life brings together the 5 churches (3 Anglican, 1 Methodist and 1 Moravian) in the area in reaching out to the local community, helping to bring us all together in ways that are caring, informative and fun.

The churches have developed a greater trust in one another allowing the development of ecclesiastical and well community opportunities.

Here are examples of the activities…


Love Cafe

What’s On in Weston and Newbridge
More to Life publish the What’s On magazine 3 times per year, which is then distributed by church members to the 17,000 people living in the area. The magazine includes all the upcoming activities and events in Weston and Newbridge, so that everyone can have the opportunity to join in. It’s amazing how much is happening in such a small area.

More to Life organises many events for people in the area, including lectures, workshops, quizzes and discussion evenings.

Carol Services
More to Life organises carol services every Christmas at local pubs, and also the open-air Carols around the Tree with candle-lit street processions.

Chelsea Village Street Party
More to Life is arranging a Chelsea Village Street Party in Chelsea Road in 2014.

Football on Weston Rec
More to Life is currently working on a plan to bring football to Weston Rec, with a storage shed and marked out pitches.