Home Groups

Home Groups are central to the life of All Saints.
There are currently 18 Home Groups in a variety of locations around the city, ranging in size from 8 to 15 people, meeting weekly or fortnightly – either during the day or in the evening – in someone’s home. Home Groups are lead by members of the All Saints congregation not within full time ministry and offer an ideal opportunity to study and pray in an environment outside of the formal church services.

Many Home Groups also participate in mission and social action projects, help with Alpha courses, prayer focus and other events and this provides an good way for people to become integrated into the heart of the church, to build community, to make friends, to have fun and to develop individual ministries.

If you would like to join a Home Group, please contact Mandy Falkus.


All our Home Group Study Notes are available in the resources section of our website – please click here

Count Your Blessings – Download the sheet here

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