Invitation to Pray

See Mark’s video about prayer

Getting ready for our newcomers supper I am reminded that it is so good that we have people that visit the church here at All Saints. We are here for others. We have been blessed so that we can be a blessing. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about. The meal is almost ready except for one really important ingredient. Just before people arrive tonight we will pray. We will stop for a moment and give thanks in Jesus name and ask him to do his work this evening through us. So I want to talk to you about prayer.

We can think or prayer as a chore, another thing that we have to do. But in reality it is an amazing opportunity. We are told to pray without ceasing, which sounds like hard work. But Jesus also says that he will be with us always. Prayer is less like having an old phone line in your house and more like having a mobile with really good internet. It is always on and always available. Suddenly praying without ceasing sounds a bit easier.

We are also told that when we pray we should do so in private. Again this sound like hard work, quiet often I end up sleeping. But Jesus also teaches his disciples to pray with the words “Our Father”. Prayer is not just a private activity, but also a shared one. Even when we are finding it difficult, there are other people who are praying for us. And we get to pray with others.

Here at All Saints there are lots of ways that you can grow in prayer. The first is to be in a homegroup, to share life with a few others and grow together. But there are also some specific opportunity to gather to prayer. Most of then happen on a Tuesday.

The first is Prayers in Church from 7am – 8am every Tuesday in Church. It is a space to come and quietly gather your thoughts and pray at the start of the day.

The Second is Come to Together from 7.45pm – 9pm every Tuesday in Church. There is usually a bit of worship and the prayer for the church, for the Rock Project, for Weston Hub and for me and the Staff Team and anything else that come up. I’m so grateful for these prayer gatherings at All Saints, especially they way they have prayed us in and continue to cover all the work here.

The third is a new venture that is city wide. Community Houses of Prayer meeting on Tuesdays once a month starting on 13th March 2018 from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. There is one happening in every ward in Bath, so our closest one is happening at Weston Hub.

Get involved in something new this year. Check the website for full details, but whatever you do, pray.