Welcome to University! From All Saints Weston Church!

So you’re at Uni in Bath – we’re praying for you.
As you get settled into Uni you’re going to find life will get busy really quickly. While it may be difficult to prioritise your diary I challenge you to get stuck in at church earlier rather than later. The church community (families and students) will provide a balance to student life and give you perspective and a home to grow in your faith.

You’re welcome to visit us at All Saints Church Weston where it’s our priority to empower this generation to use their gifts for the benefit of people and the purposes of God.
Once a month we have a service where younger people are consistently the leaders or speakers in the service and in this we encourage students to grow in their giftings. Our goal is to help you know your Bible, see you have a divine encounter with Jesus Christ and to grow in intimacy with the Lord, while you’re studying, working and living in Bath. We’re not your typical Anglican Church and are associated with NEW WINE and SOUL SURVIVOR. In a day when superficiality is the norm we strive to be authentic and genuine followers of Jesus who take seriously the revolutionary life and love that he offers.

If you have any questions or just want to get together to worship Jesus, find the best coffee shop or play a serious game of table football, email me back. We have two services on a Sunday at 10.30am and 6.30pm. Our young adult’s generally prefer the Sunday evening service at 6:30pm with a short talk and some brilliant worship. We offer lifts to and from both Uni’s for both services and will be having student lunches after morning service and dinners before the evening service – depending on which one most students come to.

What we DO as a student ministry:
• Offer lifts to and from both campuses
• Have student lunches or dinners in homes every Sunday
• Offer student mentoring
• Go on outings such as caving, paintballing, bowling, sailing and trips to the beach
• Opportunity to get involved in areas of church ministry such as youth, children, worship, special needs, and about 20 other things that you’ll find on the website.

Call, Email or Facebook if you need a ride. Just use the postcode to find us online.

Welcome to Uni!
Hope to see you around town.

Patrick Boksan-Cullen
Tel: 07722 190906
Email Patrick