Re-Imagining Our church for the Kingdom (ROCK)

The Team
Simon Brand
Rosie Coates
John Colvin
Geoff Evans
Sandy Hewit
Clive Kennett
Gary Oaten
Pippa Page
Tom Peryer (Chair)
Annie Robb
Rachael Stone

For all ROCK resources (Booklets, forms and audio) please click this link.

Our first report was produced for Vision Sunday on 29th September 2013.
This report provides the background to the formation of this team; our starting points, our aspirations and vision and the results of our “Testing the waters” Church survey completed by 31/07/13.

Download the First Report here.

ROCK Presentation to the Church – 3rd February 2016

After three years of work and two major consultations with the church, this
presentation contained the recommendations of the ROCK Team for the way ahead
for our church building and campus. Our overriding aim has been that we, the
people of All Saints and our buildings, should be a compelling and powerful
witness to the timeless truths of the gospel.

Whilst we greatly value the buildings left to us by previous generations, we
believe that every generation must reimagine and recreate them so that they
resonate with the times. We are not the first to do this nor will we be the last.
Our aspiration is that by the end of 2020, all or most of the work set out in
our proposals will have been completed. Going ahead with the ROCK 20/20
Project, means making it very clear that, by God’s grace, we were here
yesterday, we are here today and we will be here tomorrow and well into the
twenty-first century.
We hope and pray that our plans and proposals will enthuse and excite you so
that in a spirit of faith and boldness, together we will meet the daunting but
inspiring challenge facing us.

Don’t forget that all the documentation provided by ROCK is available on the ROCK RESOURCES page