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At All Saints we pray and worship in many different ways. On this page you will our weekly pre-recorded Sanctuary service videos and find links and resources to a more contemplative and sometime traditional way of praying. This is a rich tradition that has been used for hundreds of years. 

During this time when we have to be socially distance from one another we can take comfort in knowing that we are praying with others.

Church of England Daily Prayer

This page include prayers and services each day. There is also an App that you can use on your phone at the bottom of the page.

Premier Christian Radio

Has lots of program and is live all the time

Daily Prayer

Thoughts from members of All Saints on how to pray from the perspective of heaven. New content most days.

Over the coming weeks we will also be creating more homegrown content. If there is something you would particularly like, then let us know. These could be lonely times, but we don’t need to be alone. If you need to be connected with the All Saints Care Network, then please contact Mandy or Penny.

Sanctuary service this week is about breakfast on the beach! Everyone is very welcome!
As we start to emerge from lockdown, Mark leads us and introduces the new teaching series, 'Waiting and Witnessing'.
This week Mark Searle will be preaching on the new community and Tom Peryer will be leading, with contributions from Liz Chatfield and Robin and Ming-Keng Teoh.
At this Sunday's Sanctuary service we are encouraged to wake up! Rub the sleep from our eyes and look afresh at all that surrounds us.
We will be singing rousing hymns and Wes will be preaching on “The New Way”. Our reading and prayers will be led by a very special couple from our church family (do tune in to find out which one!) and Pippa will be leading us through the service.
Question: What is the connection between Ludwig Van Beethoven and Mahalia Jackson? Answer: Their thrilling music features in the Easter Sunday Sanctuary service.
Although we are still not able to gather in person, we can still worship as one. Palm Sunday is a day of celebration as we welcome the King of King and cry "Hosanna - Save Us".
On-Line Sanctuary is one year old on Sunday. Do join us for some virtual chocolate birthday cake. But more importantly do join us to celebrate the freedom that comes from the cross – the latest in our series.
An update from Kate Brankin
It is the 4th Sunday in Lent, which is Mothering Sunday. Tom Peryer will be speaking in our “Crossed Over” series, on the subject of Reconciliation.
This week our Sanctuary service marks the third Sunday of Lent reflecting on the hope of the resurrection. Paddy Gleave speaks on the message of death being overcome and our hope for the future, challenging attitudes to death.
This week 'Forgiveness' is the second theme in our Lent series 'Crossed Over' and Wes Poirot talks on this and tells us how forgiveness can be truly transformative.
This week our Sanctuary service marks the first Sunday of Lent reflecting on the tender and generous love of our heavenly Father.
Wes leads our Sanctuary service and Mark completes his 3 part talk on the Parable of the Lost Son and this week the Father is in the spotlight.
Mark will be speaking again on the subject of the lost son, but this time thinking about the older son, who had continued to stay at home in obedience to his father, and who was not entirely happy with the way things turned out.
Join us as we journey backwards and forwards with the Runaway Squanderer formerly known as the Prodigal Son.
Join us this coming Sunday when we will be finding Sanctuary in the Rock of Ages and Sarah will be expanding on the story of the wise man who built his house upon the rock and his not so wise friend.
This week's Sanctuary service is led by Mark with Tom talking on 'Friends and Neighbours'.
Do join in with some joyful worship, look out for a bird's eye view of our community and there will be a special prayer to re-commit ourselves near the start of this New Year.
Happy New Year! You are very welcome to join us for our Sanctuary service at the start of the new season.
Good news! There's a Sanctuary Service on 27 December, slightly shorter than usual but still with a rich mixture of scripture, music, song and prayer.
A shining star hovering over Weston opens our on-line Carol Service which follows the traditional pattern.
Please join us for this Sunday's Sanctuary service which will have a Christingle theme.
This coming Sunday Sanctuary will continue in the season of Advent
29 November is Advent Sunday, the beginning of the church’s year, when we officially start looking forward to Christmas! We will be having some special Advent prayers and hymns.
Wes Poirot is speaking to us on 'Life in Jesus'
Please join us for our next Sanctuary service which will come from our sister parish of Langridge.
This coming Remembrance Sunday will be like no other but the first half of Sanctuary Service will be a Remembrance Service and there will be a two-minute silence.
Mark will be developing the Transformation theme, exploring what the Bible has to say about how we should live, and looking at the subject of 'Defeating Strongholds'.
Find out why God told Joshua to get up off the ground and man up. And bring your spiritual armour.
Please join us for this Sunday's Sanctuary service when we will be considering the Battle of the Mind.
Our Harvest Thanksgiving service which focuses on thankfulness and the attitude of gratitude.
This week Sanctuary is dreaming with that rapscallion Jacob as he encounters God.
Please join us for this Sunday's Sanctuary service, which will come from our sister parish of North Stoke.
Be prepared for some disturbance on Sunday in Sanctuary when Tom Peryer will be speaking on the need to get in the removers.
In times when we feel shaken it is good to remember... remember who we are and that we are not alone. Monica Corripio-Lopez will be opening up the Bible and encouraging us with truths that will strengthen us.
This coming Sunday is all about RE-CONNECTING with each other.
The last in our August series, this weeks 'Hero of Faith' is more Bristol than Bath, although he was born in Germany. He came to Bristol as a pastor in his 20’s and this was his base until his death at the age of 93.
In our Heroes of Faith series, Tom will be talking on someone who was a Member of Parliament, reformer and frequent visitor to Bath. Our guest speakers for this service are Mark and Lindsey Meluish and the word for the future is 'Change'.
For Sunday 16th August, the local hero will be John Wesley and the talk will be from Anthony Delaney who leads Ivy Church in Manchester
For Sunday 9th August, the local hero will be William Tyndale and the talk will be from Nicola Neal who heads up the Christian Charity ‘Every Life’
'Inspired by the past and facing the future'. This week our 'hero of faith' is Alphege and the talk is by Paul Harcourt, leader of New Wine and Vicar of All Saints Church, Woodford Wells, East London.
A Sanctuary booklet for August that contains an introduction by Tom Peryer and the Sanctuary Order of Service for the month.
Mark, our Rector, will be speaking on Psalm 46 and the service will be led by Pippa Page. The psalm reminds us that God is our strength and refuge, and that we need to be still and listen to Him.
At Sanctuary this week Sarah Couchman explores that wonderful Psalm, Psalm 139, with help from friends at the Life Project. And, the service is led by Mark from... the church building
Sanctuary this week will focus on that lovely song of praise and thankfulness Psalm 103.
Please join us for our Sanctuary service this week when Tom Peryer will open up for us another very special Psalm of Hope - Psalm 91
If you are feeling sheepwrecked by all the events in the world or in desperate need of some fellowsheep, then the Sanctuary service on 28 June is for you.
The wind of the Holy Spirit is evident in this service as Mark looks at our last chapter of 1 Peter and emphasises the 'Living Hope' that Peter writes about that is relevant to us all today.
Please join us for our Sanctuary service this Sunday. A river of life will run throughout the service as we come to our penultimate look at 1 Peter and consider 'Living as Exiles'.
Mark Searle, 02/03/2020