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Welcome to our online children's resources for Sundays. As we have started meeting together in the Church Centre (a few at a time) we will be mirroring out in-person activities on this page of the website. Hopefully then we can get some consistency of learning and worship together whether at home or in church.


Nov 8th Remembrance Sunday


Worship Songs:

Hope, All Stars Kids Club

Beauty of your Peace, Tim Hughes

Bible Passage: Micah 4:1-4


Poppies: A CBeebies film about the pain of war as seen through the eyes of animals.

The Poppy Story: From Scotland Poppy Appeal an explanation about the use of Poppies following the end of World War One. 

A Summary of Micah by the Bible Project: 

Colouring: Click Here

Craft Challenge:

Giant Poppy Challenge: What can you make a giant poppy from? A paper plate? The base of an old plastic bottle? Some old scrap paper? An old table cloth? Make the biggest poppy you can then display it in your window this week.

Prayer: Find out about one of the wars happening around the world at them moment and pray for that place. For its leaders and for its people.

Here are some words you can use:

God of wholeness, God of Grace,
to you we bring our thanks and praise.
To a world that searches
you are a lamp that shines,
to a world that is hungry
you are food that sustains,
to a world that suffers
you are hope of release,
to a world that’s broken
you are one who restores,
to a world full of hate
you are love that forgives,
to a world that denies
you are truth that endures.
To you we bring our thanks and praise,
God of wholeness, God of Grace.

©John Birch


NOV 1st - All Saints Day Special

Today we are going to be thinking about people who have been important in our lives. People who have helped us to know Jesus. And we are going to say thank you to God for them.



Bible Story Video:

Bible Passage: Click Here


Worship Songs:

All Through History - Nick and Becky Drake 

This Little Light of Mine

Bible colouring and activities: Click Here and here

Prayer Activity:

Today's prayer activity is something for you to do as a family. Either print out the template or draw your own tree trunk, roots and branches on a large piece of paper. Then cut out some seed shapes to stick at the roots and some leaf shapes to stick onto the branches.
When you stick on a seed think of someone who has been important in the life of your family (especially in helping you to follow Jesus), write their name on the seed and say a THANK YOU to Jesus for them. When you stick on a leaf think of the people who you are connected to today. People who you can show God's love to and pray for them. Ask God to bless their lives in a similar way to how he has blessed yours.


October Series - Be Thankful


Sunday 25th October
Thank You for Jesus


Bible Verses: Luke 24


Script: Click here for a script version of the story for you to act out at home.


Story Video: 

Worship Songs:

Every Move I Make (with dance moves)

Need to know You - Rend Co Kids

Colouring: Click Here

Craft: Click here for a Road to Emmaus spinner toy template and instructions.

Prayer: Read this poem and thank Jesus for walking with you.



Sunday 18th October 
Thank You for Friends and Family




Bible Passage: Ruth 1:1-18


Story Video:

Worship Songs:

Coming Alive - Grace Vineyard Church
Build Up - Fischy Music. A song about building up and looking after our friends and family.

Colouring: Click here and here


Making a Friendship Thank You Card. Click here for a template.



Sunday 11th October

Thank You For The Good Things We Have - Harvest

Intro Video:

Wes' Questions:

- What jumps out at you from the story?
- What does this say about people?
- What does this say about God?
- How might this change how we live our lives?

Bible Passage: Click Here

Worship Songs:

All Through History - Nick and Becky Drake


Feeding The 5000 Song (He Is Good And Loves You) - Crossroads Kids


Colouring: Click Here


Bible Story: 

Craft: Today we will be making some bread to help us think about God providing and us being thankful. Here's a demo from Pip. Here's a recipe link 


If you have made bread, eat your bread. Enjoy the yummy taste and thank God for the good things he gives you.


Use the fourth colouring sheet to write down or draw all the things you are thankful for in your life at them moment. And then read this prayer aloud:

Father God,
Thank you that You are good.
It says so, so many times in the bible.
Thank you for the many good things in my life.
For when I have enough food, clothes, people in my life.
Help me to remember this each day especially when I don't feel so great.

And help me to give good things to others in return for your brilliant love.



September Series - Belonging

Sunday 4th October - Here on Earth



Bible Passage: Click Here and here


Worship Song:

Creator God Nick and Beck Drake

So Will I (100 Billion X) Hillsong United:

Colouring: Click Here


Bible Story Video:


Craft: This week, it's an open challenge. Can you create your own junk modelled animal or plant from recycled material? Send us a picture of what you manage to make.



Here's a lovely prayer video made by CAFOD a Catholic Overseas Development Charity. It takes some words from a prayer written by the Pope about caring for the natural world.


Sunday 27th September - Neighbour




Wes' Story:

Bible Passage: Click Here

Worship Songs:

You Are Good Good Good - Vineyard Kids 
Because You First Loved Me - Sovereign Grace Kids 

Bible Story Video:

Colouring and Activities (click to download)

Craft: Click here to download template.


Prayer Ideas:

Today we are thinking about how we can help others that we live amongst. Perhaps draw a map of your street or local area and plot people that you live nearby. Talk to Jesus about them and think about how you could help them.
Alternatively, if you can think of someone who is in pain at the moment, take a sticking plaster, write their name on it and say a quick prayer for them each time you look at it today (or longer, see how long you can wear it).

Here's an example prayer:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you that you know ............ and that you love them.
Please help them to get better.
Please show them that you know them and are close to them.
Help me to know how I can help them.

Finally, an inspiring story:


Sunday 20th September - Belonging



Bible Passage: John 15:1-11


Worship Songs:

I Am A Friend of God - Gungor
Need To Know You - Rend Company Kids


Bible Story Video:

Bible Story Video 2:


Colouring: Click To Download


Activity 1: A great way to show you belong to something is to wear clothing that has a logo or writing on it. This week why not try making a bracelet. See if you can get the name Jesus on to it somewhere. Apologies, the second demo is not my video. It's hard also, but I am sure some of you will take on the challenge.


Activity 2: Why not print out the sheet and design your own Jesus' team sports kit. What words and pictures might you include?

Prayer Activity: 



Sunday 13th September - All Part of The Body


Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 

Click link for International Children's Bible, but you can also change to a different translation. Try the Message maybe.

Bible Passage Video: Thank You to New Vintage Kids

You are The Body Of Christ memory verse song:


Colouring: Click Here and Here


Craft Activities: 

Jigsaw Piece Project:

To help us think about all being part of what we call 'church', you will receive a puzzle piece through your door. Decorate to piece so that it is personal to you and then send it back to the church centre or Phil's house. Make sure you write your name on the back. Then I can assemble the puzzle as a piece of art to show how we are all included.

Mr Potato Head:

Use the body features to create a crazy creature. You could use a potato to be the body or something else. Click here for print out.

Church Mosaic:

Cut and stick the coloured shapes to build your own church building or stick the pieces onto the outline of a church building.


Dear Jesus,
Thank you that you love me and that I am a part of your body.
Help me to know how can I help my church friends who follow Jesus.
How can I help people who don't know Jesus yet.



Sunday 6th September - Being Church and Encouraging Each Other

In our Sunday gatherings this week we are being encouraged to think about the importance of meeting up together as followers of Jesus and as a church. Below you will find a short intro and bible passage; some worship songs; a colouring activity; and a origami craft idea. Enjoy!

Intro Video:


Worship Songs:

We Are Your Church - Rend Collective Experiment 

Build Up - Fischy Music

Colouring: Click Here

Some pictures from Dave Walker's to remind you what meeting up was like or help you think what church is.


Craft Activity:

An origami letter/envelope activity to use to encourage a friend or family member.


Sunday 29th August - Praying for other Jesus Followers

We're getting near to the end of the holidays and about to start a new term and school year, but in maybe a very strange way. So at this time I thought it would be good to have a bit of encouragement. So today you might like to listen to/read a bit of the bible written by Paul (one of the people who started the spread Jesus' message around the world) to groups of Jesus followers around the world.

Bible Verses click here

Worship Songs Page Link

Paul's Story Video

Activity Idea

This man has drawn what he hears in the bible passage. Perhaps you could try doing the same?

Colouring Click Here


Pray this prayer for yourself Prayer:
Looking forward to a new term, Jesus please help me to Love and not hate; be generous not selfish; spread hope and not fear; trust and not despair.

Or write down a prayer for someone your know who follows Jesus and send it to them to encourage them.


Sunday 23rd August - Holiday Club Special

This week is our Holiday Club final special episode featuring Robots and The Lost Son bible story. 

A Robotics Scientist talks about her faith in Jesus.

Colouring Activities Click Here

Sunday 16th August - Jesus Rests



Bible Passages: Mark 4:35-41  Luke 8:22-25



Bible Story Video: 

Colouring Activities: Click to download



Sunday 9th August - He lets me rest!

Bible Passage Meditation:

Relax, watch, listen, join in.

Colouring: click1, click2

Worship Songs:

Yes and Amen, Housefires (Signing by Chanctonbury Church)


WonderZone Holiday Club Wk1 Recap:




Sunday 2nd August - God Makes Rest

Intro: Sound only, no pictures

Life can be so so very busy can't it? We rush around so much even as children: getting to school, being on time for meals, getting to clubs or lessons, going to see friends and family. Also, when we let it, the media we enjoy (TV, video games, mobile phones and tablets) is built to keep us rushing and hold our attention. As an adult, life gets busier and busier, especially if you have children to look after.But God wants us to stop. Not stop everything, but time to time, pause to rest.

But the good news is that, at the creation of the world, God thought about this. God knew we would rush so he built in a time of rest. When you watch the creation video story, watch out for the seventh day. The day of rest. God says it is 'holy' which means special and complete. And it is an important part of the creation story.
So, we need to recognise and understand how important it is to stop and rest, for ourselves and for our family. To spend time relaxing and being with each other in a state of peace. And, more importantly, being with God through all the ways we can: prayer, music, reading the bible, talking to each other, listening, etc.
This summer we are going to look at stories of rest as hopefully you rest. So enjoy, and look out for Jesus, he's always around waiting to hear from you and speak to you through his Spirit.

Sung Worship:

God Beside: (I love this song for its simple relaxing style but also because it tells us God IS with us, WAS with us and WILL be with us always.)


Let The King of My Heart (You Are Good)

Bible Story Video:

Activity Sheets and Colouring (click to print):
Word Search
Activity Sheet

Prayer Response:

Ok time to have a go at resting. Make yourself comfy and play this video track. If you can, close your eyes and think over these words: "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest" Matt 11:28



Sunday 26th July - Way Maker - David Messes Up




Songs of Worship:

God of Science - Rend Co Kids (A great song to learn before Wonder Zone Holiday Club starts)

He The Light - VBS Kids

Bible Passages: 2 Samuel 7:1-18



Story Video:



1. How did David show his pride at the start of the passage?
2. Why do you think God didn't want him to build a temple?
3. How did David react when Nathan gave him the news that he would be the Temple builder, but his son would?
4. How often do you think about God being involved in your daily life?
5. How often do you remember to say sorry to God for not living his way and hurting other people around you?
6. How does the news that God is a forgiving God and that Jesus died to deal with sin forever make you feel?

Activity Pages/Colouring: Click here, and here



These are some of the words David wrote in Psalm 51 after he realised he had acted very badly on another occasion. Could you use them when you realise you have done wrong?

God, be merciful to me
    because you are loving.
Because you are always ready to be merciful,
    wipe out all my wrongs.
Wash away all my guilt
    and make me clean again.

I know about my wrongs.
    I can’t forget my sin.
You are the one I have sinned against.
    I have done what you say is wrong.

You want me to be completely truthful.
    So teach me wisdom.
Take away my sin, and I will be clean.
    Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

Create in me a pure heart, God.
    Make my spirit right again.

Sunday 19th July - Way Maker 4 - David trusts God


Bible Passage:Psalm 31: click here, 1Samuel 30: Click Here


Colouring: Page 1, Page 2


Songs of worship:

You First Loved Me


This Love

Story Video:

A little more of David's life. This doesn't quite match up with today's reading.

1. What images does David’s Psalm make you think of?
2. What sort of time do you think he was having while he wrote it?
3. How does David show he trusts God?
4. Why does David praise God even when he is having a hard time?




Dear God,
Please help me to trust You in all the times of my life.
When people are kind to me and when people are mean to me.
Help me to talk to you when I am in trouble.
And let me know you lead me through my life.


Sunday 12th July - Way Maker 3 - David shows Saul Mercy


Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 24

Songs of Worship:

King of Me - Rend Company Kids 


Son Of God - Hillsong
A song about Jesus walking with you through your life as God was with David.

Colouring:  Click Here

Story Video:


1. How do you feel when you are waiting for something that you know is going to happen?
2. How do you feel David felt knowing one day God was going to make him king?
3. How do you think David felt when he had Saul in the cave?
4. Why do you think David chose not to kill Saul?
5. How did Saul feel after David let him go?
6. Are there any times in your life you have felt cross and angry or jealous like Saul?
7. How might you talk to God in those times?



In today's story, David shows mercy to Saul instead of killing him when he has the chance. David said it is up to God to punish Saul. We can use this example when we have people treating us badly.

Jesus said: 'love your enemies and pray for those who harm you' (Matthew 5:44). So perhaps you might like to pray for someone today. You may have someone who has hurt you, or you may like to think about someone in the world who is hurting others and pray for them this prayer.

Loving God
I pray for ..................
They have hurt me. OR. They are hurting people.
Please bring your goodness into their life and change them.
They are your child and made in your image.
Please pour your blessing on them.
And help me to forgive.

Important: This does not mean that if someone is hurting you, you should just let it happen. It is always good to tell someone you trust and ask for help.


Sunday 5th July - Way Maker 2 - David defeats Goliath



Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 17


Bible Colouring: Click here


Songs of Worship:

God You're Bigger Than Big

Giant of Faith


Story Videos

Heyo! Saddleback Kids version

Slightly more 'full on' version


Printable Goliath Skittle


Loving God,
Thank you that you don't want us to live in fear.
But you know sometimes our fears feel like giants to us.
Thank you that you are bigger.
Thank you that you can carry us through our fear.
And you can solve our problems.
These are my problems today...
Help me to trust you like David did.
Guide me as I work through my problems, like you guided David.
And let your perfect love cast out my fear.



Sunday 28th June - WAY MAKER 1 - God Calls David


Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 16

The story, told from the Asplin hammock.

Samuel and David
1 Samuel 16:7 

For more Krista Hamrick illustrations click here

Songs of Worship:

Way Maker All Stars Kids Club Version


God Beside


A different cartoon provider this week!


1. Why do you think the people wanted a king to rule over them?
2. How did Samuel disguise the fact he was there to choose a new king, and why?
3. What happened when Jesse brought his first son to the prophet Samuel?
4. What did God say he looks at, what a person looks at on the outside or what they are like on the inside?
5. How did Samuel show he had chosen David?
6. Throughout the bible God chooses people who do not think they are good or strong enough to be used. How might this be encouraging to us?
7. How do you think David felt at being chosen ahead of his brothers?
8. What are the similarities with the story of Joseph?
9. What does this story tell us about the importance of the way we think and behave versus the way we look on the outside?


God looks at the heart craft from the brilliant Nicholsons.


A look at anointing with the lovely Parrs.


Sunday 21st June



Reading: 1 Peter 5


Colouring: Click Here


You Are Good

Because You First Loved Me


Feels Good (Upbeat Song) - Rend Company Kids

Story Video: 


1. In the story, who did Jesus say did the right thing?
2. What did the Pharisee do wrong?
3. When do you think being proud (thinking you are better than others) could stop you doing good things?
4. Can you think of any examples when you haven't been humble and put others first recently?
5. How do you think putting others first might help them?
6. Are there any times you think you should put yourself before others?
6. Can you think of how Jesus showed humility?


It's not quite Tracy Island this week!


Loving Friend and Saviour Jesus,
Please help me to be humble.
Thank you for loving me, so so much.
Help me to know that you love me as I am.
And let that love lead me into loving other people.
Help me to think of other people more.
And of myself less.
So that I can bring your love where ever I go in the world.


Bible Colouring: Click Here or here for Open Doors colouring.


Bible Reading:

1Peter 4:12-19 beautifully read by Bella and Blake.

Songs of Worship:

This Love - Saddleback Kids


God is With Us - Northpoint Kids (A Great song of a Worship to dance to)

Story Video:

Today, there is no Hey Oh! story. Instead here is a link to a website called Open Doors where you can watch Hami's Story.



- What do you think might have happened next to Pastor Milad? (Probably he would have had to serve his sentence and adapt to life in prison.)
- What do you think Hami and his family might have done next? (Probably they would have fled to another country.)
- What did Hami’s mum say to stop him worrying? (Jesus says we can trust Him, John 14:1)
- Is Hami free? (He may not be free to go to church openly or share his faith, but he is free to pray and think)
- What sort of things worry you?
- Can you think of anything else that you know about Jesus, or from the Bible, that helps you when you are worried?
- In the bible reading today Peter says "don't be surprised when you suffer for being a follower of Jesus". Why do you think some people get so cross about other people being Christians?
- We are lucky to live in a country where being a follower of Jesus doesn't get you into trouble. How do you think you can help people who live in countries where it is tough to be a christian?


Today's craft is a little different. It's an encouragement to get involved with the Open Doors UK 'Post It' campaign. Very simply, sending an encouraging image to a child in a country where Christians are being persecuted. You can either follow the links from the story video page to send something to Iran, or download the 'Post It' instructions for other countries. Because of the sensitivity and danger involved in this, there are quite specific rules relating to each different country.



A great interactive prayer idea from the lovely Wynnes.





Colouring: Click Here


Worship Songs:

Giver of All: A Song about the generous God we have.

Help Me (Doug Horley): A song asking God to use us to help others and show his love.

Bible Reading: 1 Peter 4:7-11

Thank you Simon for reading our Bible passage beautifully today. Here are links to the NIV and  the Message version.

Story:Peter Heals a Beggar



1. In the story, what did the Beggar ask Peter and John for?
2. How was the help Peter and John gave the beggar different from what he asked for?
3. How did Peter and John do things in God's strength?
4. Can you remember some of the examples Peter gives of things to do through God's strength from today's bible reading?
5. What gifts do you think God has given you that you can use to help and serve others around you?
6. How do you think doing things in your own strength, is different to doing things in God's strength?
7. Often the first step in doing things through God's strength is to ask God to show you how to help, and then ask Him to use you and give you the strength and ideas by His Holy Spirit. Are you willing to ask God?


 A beautiful visual aid and prayer tool from the Pearson girls. Click here for small heart template.


Today, we've already had a form of prayer in the drawing of gifts onto the woven hearts in the craft. Here's another idea of a way you can talk to God about this. Ask God to use you to help other people and give you His strength and then a draw a picture of what you imagine that looking like.
God can talk to us through our imagination and He has a sense of humour, so if your picture ends up with bulging muscles or super-human hands, don't worry, its just a picture to help you think about God's spirit working through you and to help you talk to him. If you want, share your picture with the rest of us. Or just keep it between you and God.