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Welcome to WONDER ZONE our online virtual holiday club.

 Join the Lab and explore some great scientific discoveries. Find out who God is and how exploring science and following him can go hand in hand. 

So, we've come to the end of Holiday Club...boohoo! But it's been brilliant to produce and we hope you've had a great time taking part. There is one final video for this Sunday (23rd August) with the same cast and a junk modelling challenge. Enjoy the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays and we'll see what September brings us. God Bless!


Extra Episode Sunday 23rd August

We're thinking about ROBOTS and free-will, the fact that God our creator gives us choice in our lives.

A robotics scientist talks about her faith in Jesus.

Week 3 Monday 17th August - Experiment 3

Wonderful Creatures. Our last full episode, Noooooo! (Don't despair there is a shorter special on Sunday 23rd).

Week 2 Monday 10th August - Experiment 2

The colours of the rainbow; The Light of the World; Bubbles and more...


Monday 3rd August - Experiment 1

Have you got your pack ready? Are you wearing your badge? The let's get on with it...


Extra Content 

For extra Wonder Zone video content from Scripture Union click here.
For The Faraday Institute For Science and Religion, which supported Scripture Union in the creation of Wonder Zone click here.
For our church's children's Sundays and other activities click here.

This Year's Club Songs

Each Monday Video will contain songs and actions led by our team. Here are the songs for you to listen to and learn right now.

Our Holiday Club Theme Song - Wonderful Wonderful World - Doug Horley


Creator God - Nick and Becky Drake

He Is The Light - VBS Music

God Made Me (Slugs and Bugs) - Randall Goodman

I'll Go Anywhere - Rend Co Kids

Great God Of Science - Rend Co Kids