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Thoughts about prayer 

Simple and surrendered prayer, everyday prayer, anytime prayer, honest prayer. Where we are and as we are.
Heart to heart, from my heart to his heart. God loves to hear from us. Keep praying.

There is not in the world a way of life more sweet, nor more delightful than continual conversation with God.
It is not necessary for being with God to be always at church; we may make an oratory of our heart wherein
to retire from time to time to converse with him….everyone is capable of such familiar conversations with God.

Brother Lawrence. The Practice of the Presence of God.

A Prayer of Relinquishment.

Lord, I do not know what to ask of you;
only you know what I need.
I simply present myself to you;
I open my heart to you;
I have no other desire than to accomplish your will.
Teach me to pray.

François Fénelon.