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You're invited to Discover God's Heart 

Today we want to introduce to you a journey that we're going to go on together. Cathy and Rick James are very generously going to help us on this adventure. They have huge experience around the world in this area.

The first part is going to be simply called discover God's heart, and we're going to be inviting as many people as possible to be looking at Gods word and seeing how he calls us to join with him in reconciling all things to himself. It is not about finding a new project for us to do but more about seeing God's heart afresh and joining in as he calls us into community.

So I would love for you to join with us as we discover God's heart. You could do the initial bible studies as a home group, or gather with a group of friends.

We really encourage you to start now, even in a small way, and let’s discover God's heart together, walking united, more faithful and outward looking

Form to register interest - let us know if you / your group are up for this journey together

Form to register interest

Let us know below if you / your group are up for this journey together.