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Following Jesus is not something we do alone. We have so much to learn from others as we follow his way. During his life on earth, Jesus had a small group of followers called disciples. They traveled together, sharing life’s experiences and learning from Jesus and each other. The early church continued to gather in smaller groups.

At All Saints, our small groups are called homegroups. They are one of the key building blocks of the church. They provide one of the best places for people to connect with God, connect with each other and grow as followers of Jesus in everyday life.

We encourage everyone to join a homegroup so that you can:

  • Grow friendships
  • Grow in knowledge of the Bible
  • Grow as a follower of Jesus
  • Be equipped to serve your community

All Saints currently has about 180 adults in 18 homegroups. So there will be one that is right for you.

Joining a homegroup

We love it when people let us know they join a group because a connection has been made with someone at All Saints. But we can also help to get you connected. Mandy Falkus oversees our homegroups and will be able to get you set up. Contact Mandy or have a scroll through some of the groups using the map at the end.

Homegroups across the city


Homegroup Leaders resources can be found here.