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Everyone (whatever your preferred service) is warmly invited and encouraged to join together this coming Sunday for a special farewell service to Sarah and James Couchman.
New roles for our admin team
This Sanctuary Service is the third in our series on the Lord's Prayer. Titled 'Your Kingdom Come', Sarah Couchman is leading the service and the talk is by Dave Phillips.
The second Sunday for our Lord's Prayer theme - Part 2 'Hallowed be your name'
This week: Our Father in Heaven Hallowed by your name
Our match, Southstoke v All Saints Weston, was played on a pleasantly warm and bright evening, befitting to the first day of June...
This week’s Sanctuary will look forward in words and music to the diamond jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth.
This week we will be studying Chapter 3 and gaining an understanding of what is excellent (in life, not just in a school report)
This week Tony Haines will look at Paul’s advice to Titus on ‘Training the Troops’.
Tony Haines will be speaking on Paul’s strategy for Titus’ work in ‘Training the Troops’ and Dave Parr will be leading Communion
After a fascinating introduction to the character of a Titus last week, we will now discover what he was doing on Crete …. He certainly wasn’t having a holiday!