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If you’re newly engaged, then many congratulations!

We are very happy to welcome you to marry at All Saints. We want you to enjoy the planning and have a truly happy day, so we aim to ensure that the church arrangements are as straightforward as possible.

Every year we offer a marriage preparation course to help you lay sound foundations for life-long commitment. Our church ministers also help each couple to work through the details of your service.

In order to be married at All Saints you must be able to satisfy the following requirements:

One or both of you must be able to establish a qualifying connection with the Parish of All Saints, Weston.
The possible connections are:
You were baptised in the parish church; or
You had your confirmation entered in a church register book in the parish; or
You have at any time lived in the parish for at least 6 months; or
You have at any time regularly attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months;
You are also connected if:
a parent of one of you has lived in the parish for at least 6 months; or
a parent of one of you has regularly attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months; or
a parent or grandparent of one of you was married in the parish.

If either of you will not be 18 by the proposed date of the wedding, we will need to know that the consent of parents or guardians has been obtained.
You must not be closely related to each other.

If either of you have been married before, had a previous civil partnership, or are not a UK national, then please mention this at an early stage so that one of our ministers can discuss with you the special issues that then arise. Please also let us know if you have changed your name at any time.

It is important to give yourselves enough time to plan carefully for your wedding: you can find useful help for planning a personal and meaningful church wedding by following this link.

One important step is to have your forthcoming wedding announced at All Saints, and in your own parish church if either of you live elsewhere. This is called reading the Banns. It is a legal requirement that this happens on three consecutive Sundays, and therefore at least four weeks before you are married. Once your wedding date is confirmed our staff team will ensure that your banns are read at All Saints.

If one of you lives outside our parish however, then you need to contact the local vicar and arrange for your banns to be called in the parish church where you live as well. Once your banns are called, the vicar there will provide you with a certificate to give to our Church Office, and there is a fee for this. If you are on the Electoral Roll of a parish church other than where you live, you still need to arrange for the banns to be called in your resident parish.

You will need to keep an eye on the cost of your wedding as well. The legal fees are fixed by the Government:
Details of other fees (for the organist, sound desk technician etc) are available from Tali Garan, our Rector's PA. 

To discuss getting married at All Saints contact Tali Garan on or 01225 300202.