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More about the paddling swan! This is to bring you up to speed with the ROCK Project...
Planners have requested a 5-week extension in order to consider all the responses and plans ...
On 22 August, Bathnes Council received and registered a planning application from All Saints Church. The application related to the proposed extension to the church and to some modest changes to the church yard and car park.
After six and a half year the application has been submitted to BATHNES Council
Latest news on planning application, chairs and opening the Church.
This week over 350 pages of documentation, plans, photos and images were sent to BandNES for our third pre-planning inquiry.
Prayer makes a difference. Now is the time to pray
Testing new chairs for the re-ordering of the interior
Last week we had a very constructive meeting with the planning officer and her supervisor to update them on the changes we have made since our second pre-planning application. Thank you for praying for the meeting.
This is an audit of the accessibility challenges we face getting to the church and getting around it once inside.
Examples of how the Church would look compared to how it looks now.
Latest information available
A booklet responding to the key points in the March consultation about the latest ROCK Plans has now been published.
Update on progress with the Rock Project as we prepare to submit a planing application.
Here are a just few of the things that have been happening.
Mark Searle, 01/07/2018