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ROCK planning application update 

As everyone should know, the planning application in respect of the proposed extension and some changes to the churchyard and car park was registered with BathNES Planners on 22 August 2019. 120 people sent in comments; 101 expressed their support and 23 registered their objections. By law the planners had until 17 October to make a decision. However, they have requested a 5-week extension in order to consider all the responses and plans; this takes us to 21 November. Naturally this is frustrating. In the meantime, we are expecting a site visit from the Senior Officer dealing with the application, although no date has been set for that. The visit should make clear if there are contentious points remaining. We have also started the process of obtaining the approval of the Diocese for both the internal and external changes. The Committee that considers changes to churches meets on 20 November and they will give further guidance on the next steps.