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ROCK Prayer Update 

Firstly thank you to all those who have been praying regularly and for many months or even years. After six years, the ROCK project is now entering a crucial and hopefully exciting stage and there are specific items where we would value your prayer support, especially in respect of obtaining planning permission. Here are some key milestones:

  • On or very soon after 1 February, we are submitting a wealth of documentation for our third Pre-Planning Inquiry. The purpose of this is to get the planning officers to tell us whether or not they are happy with the proposals.
  • In the week beginning 18 February we hope to have a face-to-face meeting with the key officers, by which time they will have had an opportunity to go carefully through all our documentation and plans. We should have a good idea then where the problems are.
  • In the week beginning 4 March, we should receive a formal written response from the planners. If the planning officers are happy with our proposals, we can then go straight to formal planning application, confident that it will be approved with minimal conditions. If they are not happy, then we have some hard negotiating and thinking to do.

Prayer makes a difference. Now is the time to pray

Give thanks for:

  • The generosity of God’s people in All Saints which has enabled us to employ the architects and the other consultants necessary to develop the application
  • The many, many hours of work and the perseverance and faithfulness of the ROCK Team to date and the architects and consultants
  • The good meeting that was held with two key planning officers in January when it felt like a relationship was being established

Pray for:

  • The planning officers as they consider our plans that they will:
    • Catch a sense of our vision for a church and a building which is a force for good, an inspiring place to be in and well-matched to twenty-first century needs and expectations
    • Be sympathetic to the impact of our proposals on the existing building and landscape as they balance those changes with the benefits to the church community and the Weston community
    • The architects and the ROCK Team as they listen to what the planners say and seek to work with them to arrive at solutions that work for everyone.