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Build the Future 

We have published new leaflet setting out again something of the vision for how the church will be and how it will be used once we have completed the project. You can see an online version of the leaflet by clicking this link. The delightful illustrations have been produced by Finola Colvin, an artist and illustrator and member of All Saints.

The spiritual focus group for the ROCK Project has written this lovely prayer which we will use frequently in our services and which we hope you will use in your own prayer times and groups:

Sovereign Lord, you have blessed us
with your presence in this church for generations.
Your Holy Spirit is among us and goes before us.
You are the same God yesterday, today and forever.
Give us wisdom, faith and courage
as we take our stand today
to restore and reimagine these buildings
for those who come after us.
Raise our vision, enlarge our expectations
and release your favour and provision,
as we seek to follow the way of Jesus.