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ROCK Invitation to Get More Involved 

In January the PCC voted unanimously to move to the next stage of design development for the ROCK Project. In order to do this and to do it as well as we can, we want to draw on the expertise, insight and enthusiasm of as many people as possible. So we are setting up 13 short-life focus groups  to work on particular aspects of the project. The following groups are being established.
On the Design Side there will be 10 groups working on: Sustainability; Aesthetics; Lighting; Hospitality; Audio-Visual; the Churchyard; Traditional Music; Contemporary Music; Accessibility & Special Needs; Under 8’s. On the Support Side there will be 3 groups working on: Finance; Communication and Spiritual.
If you would like to get involved in any one of these groups (or simply want to ‘post’ your thoughts to a particular group), please get in touch with Mark Searle or Tom Peryer for a conversation. We would hate to miss out on anyone’s enthusiasm or expertise simply because we did not know about it. See below a diagram showing how it all fits together into one seamless whole!

ROCK Organogram