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ROCK works - w"holy" ground

If you've passed the Churchyard this week then you may have noticed some heavy equipment has arrived. We have a team in that are drilling and digging holes in order to assess the suitability of the ground for the foundations of the ROCK project. This is great news and another small sign of progress in the right direction. The smaller holes that have been dug by hand beside the church are looking at the structure of the existing foundations. The main hardware is drilling equipment and is going down to a depth of about 15m so that when the time comes to build we have a good idea of what is below ground. Hopefully this will mean less surprises once the building work has actually started.

Archaeologists engaged by the church have also been on site during the drilling and excavation to monitor and record any significant finds. A report will be made of their findings. This archaeology work is one of planning conditions.

The new project board has been working hard, as have a large number of people in the ROCK focus groups who are helping to shape the details of what is to come. Please continue to pray and get ready for more information and detailed plans arriving soon.