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Getting Ready - Sept 2018

Following the church consultation in February and the special PCC meeting in April, it was agreed that, between now and the end of the year, the ROCK Team/Project should:

  1. Develop the fund-raising strategy including seeking to secure external funds.
  2. Continue developing the plans so that a detailed planning application is submitted.
  3. Develop and implement a strategy so that planning permission is highly likely to be granted.

So how are we doing?

The external funding strategy is taking shape and we have gained the support of at least three key Patrons. These include, Bishop Peter, Mrs Annie Maw the Lord Lieutenant of Somerset and Canon Patrick Whitworth.

The PCC continues to wrestle with the possibility of an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLT). While many of us are uncomfortable with the idea of supporting gambling we are also aware that this is the funding model that the government has chosen to support historic buildings. Having spoken to a number of other churches about the process of application and the expectations of HLT, many us on the PCC are coming round to the idea of seeking the support of HLT in this project. Pray that whatever the decision we would move forward lovingly as a family.

The plans are moving towards the point where we can put in for planning permission. These slightly revised versions will go on display in the church prior to the application being submitted.

As part of the strategy to make the granting of planning permission highly likely there will be a community consultation. There are also a number of reports being written to build the case from external sources.


Rock News

Plans, history, feedback, reports, coffee and Jaffa Cakes - there's a lot happening.

The feedback document from the February consultation is almost complete - it has been a mammoth task trying to ensure that we are responding to the over 19,000 words that you submitted as part of the process. Your input has helped us shape the plans. Thank you.


The Rock team continues to meet regularly as well as having additional meetings onsite with specialists and planners. As part of the process the Rock team feedback to the PCC at every meeting and the higher level decisions are taken at the PCC level.


Please continue to pray that as we step into our renewed vision to be a church on the way that our buildings would also be transformed for the work of the Kingdom.