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Latest News 

The Home of Holiday Club 2020
We would love as may as possible to join us in prayer from 19:30 to 20:30hrs on Monday 29 June on Zoom - log in from 7.15pm. This is for anyone and everyone in the All Saints Family.
Find out more information on how you can be a part of it
You can download the summer edition 2020 here

Our News and Views

Find out more information on how you can be a part of it
You can download the summer edition 2020 here

Community News 

Are you the kind of person who could be a community connector?
There are many people in the Weston and Newbridge area who need help at the moment, and there are many of us who are able to provide it.
So what can we do in response to all this?
Mark Searle
Our response to Covid 19. Future Weston is the local hub for the Weston area.

Bath and Beyond

28 Churches in Bath come together to pray for the City - On video with subtitles
Find out more about the African Palms project
2020 - the year you train to be a Street Pastor on the streets of Bath ?
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Recent Talks

Mark Searle
If you are feeling sheepwrecked by all the events in the world or in desperate need of some fellowsheep, then this Sanctuary service is for you. The theme of the service is “The Lord is our Shepherd” based on Psalm 23. There is a conversation with someone who went through a particularly dark valley, a look at what green pastures really means, an Irish blessing, the singing (yes and you can sing because you are in your own house) of Great is thy faithfulness and you can guess what the other two hymns are. M
Mark Searle
Mark Searle

Latest Blog Post From Mark

With the horrific scenes of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and governments actions in the states it can be difficult to know how to respond.
Mark Searle


Our Stories

It was a couple of years ago at New Wine, I go with my daughter there and we have a wonderful time. We go to the evening service which is very noisy, very loud, all the music and all the lights and I thought this one evening I would stay in the caravan...
I had a baby who was 5 months old and he became extremely ill, so ill that when he was in hospital he had a cardiac arrest, and he was sent to Reading hospital. They said he had viral pneumonia and he also had something that was called Pioderma...


Rock News

Teaching on Nehemiah - Mark starts off by asking us to “remember the chair”.
Mark Searle
More about the paddling swan! This is to bring you up to speed with the ROCK Project...


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