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Our Events

Engage will be following the theme of a ‘whole-hearted and committed church’ as we prepare ourselves to pledge what we can to the work of reimagining our church for the kingdom of God.
Every service is special but this one this week is even more special as we launch our second appeal to raise funds for the ROCK Project.
This week The Venerable Adrian Youings, Archdeacon of Bath, will be preaching on the subject of “A Church Where Everyone is Connected and Valued”.
Archdeacon Adrian explores with us what it means to be part of Christ’s body joined together with all the weird and wonderful worshippers at All Saints this Sunday.
Paddy Gleave will be speaking about ‘A thoroughly equipped church’ as he unpacks some verses from the book of Timothy.
We continue the New Year theme at the Sanctuary service when Paddy Gleave, one of our hard working church wardens will be speaking on “A thoroughly equipped church”. His title is ‘Your story, our story, God’s story.’
Sarah Couchman will be leading with Dave Parr who will be exploring our calling to be 'Holy and Godly'.
Please join us for our Sanctuary service this week when Dave Parr will help us consider what it means to be called to be 'Holy and Godly'.
As a church at the start of 2022, we face many challenges ranging from Covid to the recent news of the resignation of our Rector Mark, pushing ahead with the ROCK Project and many more.
Pippa Page will be leading and Tom Peryer will be speaking on the subject: ‘Four Steps We All Need to Take’. A prize for anyone who works out what those steps are in advance of the service.
FAMILY CHRISTMAS SING - Tuesday 14 December 2021 at 7.30pm in All Saints Church. Get that festive feeling at an evening of uplifting carols and gospel performances
You are invited to join in the worship this Sunday and hear how we can be “living stones” carefully chosen by God with Jesus as the cornerstone.
We will be exploring how we can play our part in the construction of a "sanctuary, vibrant with life", as we sing, pray and open up God's word together.
There will be something for everyone at this service, no matter your age. Sarah Couchman will help us think about living and growing in testing times.
Our Rocks, Stones and Pebbles series takes us to the Stony Ground as found in the parable of the sower.
For our Advent Sunday Sanctuary service we have a special guest speaker - Rev. Stephen Girling from Bath Abbey.
Stephen Girling, the Area Dean, who is also the Missioner at Bath Abbey, will preach on 'Not one stone left'
This week Rachel Stone will be speaking about David and Goliath, with the title “Against all the Odds / Five smooth stones”
Rachael Stone will be speaking on 1 Samuel Ch 17, of how David slaying Goliath with one smooth stone applies to our everyday lives here in Bath.
Dave Parr will be leading and preaching at this service, which starts at around 11.20am immediately after the service at the war memorial.
Dave Parr will unpack the passage from Ecclesiastes weaving in our theme of rocks, pebbles and stones.
This week we are delving into the Jordan, well almost, as Joshua and the Israelites cross over on dry land with our faithful God showing them the way of trust and obedience.
This week we will be exploring a memorable day when the River Jordan stopped flowing. There will be the first outing of The River Jordan Rap, we will build a cairn, and write or draw on stones - and lots more.
We encourage you to join us for our Engage service at 11am on Sunday, when we will be singing, praying and opening up God's word as we study Jacob’s Dream.
This week we will be looking at the first of our rocks, stones and pebbles series starting with 'A Rocky Night’ from Genesis 28.
We will be looking and exploring the woman who anoints Jesus’ feet. Luke 7 v 36-50.
Naomi Pendle will be speaking on the subject of “Love poured out” thinking about the lady who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.
We will be exploring what it means to 'Prepare the Way' as we sing, pray and open up God's word.
Our theme will be 'Prepare The Way' which will be reflected in words, music and images.
This week we will be thinking about the outcome of our faith and God’s faithfulness to us as we trust in the authority of Jesus.
Sarah Couchman will be leading us through the service with some joyful worship led by Phil Day and Tom Peryer will introduce us to Ruth and Boaz.
Our Harvest Celebration this Sunday will be led by Rev Claire Parr and Tom Peryer will be speaking on the story of Ruth and Boaz
This week Pete Ward will be leading and Tony Haines will be speaking, continuing with our series on Luke's Gospel as he gets to grips with species of dust and planks of wood.
This week Tony Haines is speaking on 'Specks of dust and planks of wood' from Luke 6:17-36
This week Sarah Couchman will be leading and Dave Parr will be speaking, continuing with our series on Luke's Gospel. Dave will also be sharing with the Engage congregation his good news about his next steps in following his calling as a disciple.
This week Rev Dave Parr will be speaking on the title ‘Love your enemies?' from Luke 6:17-36.
This week Tom Peryer will be leading and Sarah Couchman will be speaking, continuing with our series on Luke's Gospel.
This week Sarah Couchman is speaking about being 'Called and Chosen' from Luke 6:12-26.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we grow.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we have a purpose.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we are encouraged.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we are a the body of Christ.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we are a church family.
Monica will be speaking from Acts 6 and 7. Come, pause and pray with us and allow God to restore your soul.
Please join Sarah Couchman at the kitchen table for this week's Sanctuary service.
Sanctuary on Sunday looks at what happens when Christians get locked up (not locked down).
Wes Poirot is preaching this week and it's his last Sunday with us at All Saints. We will be saying farewell.
Join us for the concluding part of 24 hours in the life of Peter and John when Rachael Stone, our Prayer Pastor, will be speaking on the celebratory prayer that saw the safe release of Peter and John.
This week's Sanctuary service has a focus on spending time with Jesus. Ruth Rhodes will speak to us from Acts 4.
Wes Poirot takes a further look at the story of Peter and John at the temple, which we started exploring last week, and asks, "What are you looking at?"
The Holy Spirit has been poured out on all people and the disciples take the first steps out.
This week we will be looking at Acts 2:14-40 and how we are all called to be witnesses of Jesus.
We will celebrate and be challenged by recalling that first day when the Holy Spirit fell and a river called the church started flowing and continues to flow today.
We start this week with a behind the scenes glimpse of the making of the service, the great team who help prepare and distribute the service and some of our much-loved church family who have found the service to be a lifeline over the last year.
Sanctuary service this week is about breakfast on the beach! Everyone is very welcome!
As we start to emerge from lockdown, Mark leads us and introduces the new teaching series, 'Waiting and Witnessing'.
This week Mark Searle will be preaching on the new community and Tom Peryer will be leading, with contributions from Liz Chatfield and Robin and Ming-Keng Teoh.
At this Sunday's Sanctuary service we are encouraged to wake up! Rub the sleep from our eyes and look afresh at all that surrounds us.
We will be singing rousing hymns and Wes will be preaching on “The New Way”. Our reading and prayers will be led by a very special couple from our church family (do tune in to find out which one!) and Pippa will be leading us through the service.
Question: What is the connection between Ludwig Van Beethoven and Mahalia Jackson? Answer: Their thrilling music features in the Easter Sunday Sanctuary service.
Join us online and then come and join us in the churchyard from just after 12pm to collect a palm cross
Mark Searle
We will be open from 4-6pm from Monday 29 - Friday 02.
Mark Searle
Bath Abbey is live streaming a service of Holy Communion with choir at 7.30pm.
Easter reflections, displays plus an Easter egg hunt and Easter trail around the outside of the Church - this Fri and Sat
Mark Searle
The story as told in the gospels, illustrated by powerful paintings and music.
Join us online then come and join us in the churchyard to dress the cross
Mark Searle
Although we are still not able to gather in person, we can still worship as one. Palm Sunday is a day of celebration as we welcome the King of King and cry "Hosanna - Save Us".
On-Line Sanctuary is one year old on Sunday. Do join us for some virtual chocolate birthday cake. But more importantly do join us to celebrate the freedom that comes from the cross – the latest in our series.
It is the 4th Sunday in Lent, which is Mothering Sunday. Tom Peryer will be speaking in our “Crossed Over” series, on the subject of Reconciliation.
This week our Sanctuary service marks the third Sunday of Lent reflecting on the hope of the resurrection. Paddy Gleave speaks on the message of death being overcome and our hope for the future, challenging attitudes to death.
This week 'Forgiveness' is the second theme in our Lent series 'Crossed Over' and Wes Poirot talks on this and tells us how forgiveness can be truly transformative.
This week our Sanctuary service marks the first Sunday of Lent reflecting on the tender and generous love of our heavenly Father.
Wes leads our Sanctuary service and Mark completes his 3 part talk on the Parable of the Lost Son and this week the Father is in the spotlight.
Our next zoom Call to Prayer will take place on Sunday 07 February at 19:00hrs.
Mark will be speaking again on the subject of the lost son, but this time thinking about the older son, who had continued to stay at home in obedience to his father, and who was not entirely happy with the way things turned out.
Join us as we journey backwards and forwards with the Runaway Squanderer formerly known as the Prodigal Son.
Join us this coming Sunday when we will be finding Sanctuary in the Rock of Ages and Sarah will be expanding on the story of the wise man who built his house upon the rock and his not so wise friend.
This week's Sanctuary service is led by Mark with Tom talking on 'Friends and Neighbours'.
Do join in with some joyful worship, look out for a bird's eye view of our community and there will be a special prayer to re-commit ourselves near the start of this New Year.
Happy New Year! You are very welcome to join us for our Sanctuary service at the start of the new season.
Good news! There's a Sanctuary Service on 27 December, slightly shorter than usual but still with a rich mixture of scripture, music, song and prayer.
A shining star hovering over Weston opens our on-line Carol Service which follows the traditional pattern.
Please join us for this Sunday's Sanctuary service which will have a Christingle theme.
This coming Sunday Sanctuary will continue in the season of Advent
29 November is Advent Sunday, the beginning of the church’s year, when we officially start looking forward to Christmas! We will be having some special Advent prayers and hymns.
A project for all to get involved with during advent
Wes Poirot is speaking to us on 'Life in Jesus'
Please join us for our next Sanctuary service which will come from our sister parish of Langridge.
A shortened Remembrance Sunday Service that was prerecorded for Sunday 08 November.
This coming Remembrance Sunday will be like no other but the first half of Sanctuary Service will be a Remembrance Service and there will be a two-minute silence.
Mark will be developing the Transformation theme, exploring what the Bible has to say about how we should live, and looking at the subject of 'Defeating Strongholds'.
Find out why God told Joshua to get up off the ground and man up. And bring your spiritual armour.
Please join us for this Sunday's Sanctuary service when we will be considering the Battle of the Mind.
Our Harvest Thanksgiving service which focuses on thankfulness and the attitude of gratitude.
This week Sanctuary is dreaming with that rapscallion Jacob as he encounters God.
Please join us for this Sunday's Sanctuary service, which will come from our sister parish of North Stoke.
Be prepared for some disturbance on Sunday in Sanctuary when Tom Peryer will be speaking on the need to get in the removers.
In times when we feel shaken it is good to remember... remember who we are and that we are not alone. Monica Corripio-Lopez will be opening up the Bible and encouraging us with truths that will strengthen us.
This coming Sunday is all about RE-CONNECTING with each other.