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Eagles update from Steffie 

Since our last update however many months ago, we've been through a bit of a roller-coaster of malaria-induced intensive care, non-functioning kidneys and an involuntary 3 month stay in the UK to recover. Although we are incredibly grateful for the ever-loving, ever-patient support from our family and friends and are missing those that are UK-based so much, we are so happy to be home in Malawi now, trying to get back on our feet. Things are still tough, but given that 4 months ago we were told I had an over 50% chance of not making it, we are mainly grateful beyond words. Latest challenge is VISA applications, so would appreciate prayer.
This last month I've had the privilege of working with an amazing youth group in a flood-destroyed village, training them to take photos because they wanted others to see the reality of climate change through their eyes. I won't say more because I'd prefer you to read the article below. They'd be so grateful if anyone could help spread their message as widely as possible - their voices really need to be heard. So if anyone has any contacts with media/ ideas for how to share their photos more widely, please email me!
All our love,
Steffie (and Jonathan)

Please click here to read Steffie's article 'Eco-anxiety or eco-trauma': Malawian village sends message of hope.

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