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Sarah's Farewell Video 

Sarah Couchman writes:
"What an extraordinary day last Sunday was! (03 July 2022).Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing send off - at the service and the picnic. We felt truly loved and known and that is very special. Thank you to all those who made wonderful music choices, selected moving words and everyone who gave us so many lovely cards and gifts.
As a church you gave us a beautiful framed copy of Finola's wonderful map of Weston which will proudly hang in our new home. I have a weakness for pottery bowls and LOVE the beautiful Berdoulat bowl you gave us. It will always make me think about all the good things you have poured into our lives whilst in Bath. You also presented us with an overwhelmingly generous gift of a cheque for £750. I have already thought of some special things I want to give James and the children as memories of this special time in their lives and the role you have played ..... and as a thank you to them for supporting me and sharing my time and attention.
Your love and care makes our leaving both easier and harder but please know we will be holding you in our hearts and will be praying for everyone at All Saints as you too shortly start a new chapter in your story. Keep in touch! X"