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Homegroup Leaders Resources 

Below are a list of resources that groups can use. If you have found a good resource then please let me know: email Mark. Then we can repost and share with others.

Please note, that most of the time we don’t follow a set program in our homegroups. This is because you as leaders will know your groups best and are best able to decide what they should be looking at. 

Resources to help you and your group discover God's heart.
Penny Faux is recommending this course from Care Home Friends
Has anyone tried the new materials?
Holy Trinity Brompton have got loads of resources on their website.
Let's learn to B.L.E.S.S. our community
This term - The Way of the Cross and other resources.
Over two hundred resources for small groups.
A raft of resourses to help you and your group follow Jesus. All from “Infinitum Life”.
One of the habits that we want to grow in as A Church on the Way is prayer. In the Prayer Course, Pete Grieg teaches six session to help us grow in prayer.
A simple homegroup study guide to help members of the church engage with the vision.
DVD-based course from The Bible Society which looks at the whole of the Bible as a story, from Genesis to Revelation.
In March 2018 we went away for the day. Mark set out for us the course for the next season. The slides are available here.
The vision that I am laying out to All Saints in Autumn 2018 follows in the same stream as John Mark Comer and many others.
Here are ten ideas for the "Worship" section of your homegroup session. Don't be limited by them, they are just a starter...
A good study course on how to live simply written by The Besom project which is engaged in some serious community work.
This is a great resource. There are a few copies in the wild at All Saints with the DVD and leaders study books.
Loads of good resources for small groups.
I have been using this simple bible study for a few years now and it has become my go to place for helping people engage with the bible and respond actively.